Frequently Asked Questions

1.) When is the Orpheus Parade?
Monday, February 27, 2017 beginning at 6:00pm.

2.) How can I ride in the parade?
Only members of the Krewe are allowed to ride in the parade.

3.) Can anybody join the Krewe of Orpheus?
All men and women of good character are welcome to apply for membership.

4.) How do you become a member of the Krewe of Orpheus?
Please contact our office at (504) 822-7200.

5.) Are there activities besides the parade for Krewe Members?
We have several social events throughout the year including pub crawls, 13th Night, Open House and the Captain’s Party.

6.) Can I go to the Orpheuscapade if I’m not a member?
The Orpheuscapade is open to the public. To purchase tickets, please contact our office at (504) 822-7211.